130 tips and inspirational ideas for setting up a modern kitchen

Do you want a modern kitchen?

Designing a modern kitchen can be a challenge, but also an opportunity to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space in your home. Regardless of the type of home, dimensions or existing utilities, there are many ways to transform the kitchen into a modern and attractive space. In this article, we will present you 130 tips and ideas that will inspire you in the design of the modern kitchen .

Designing a kitchen according to the type of home:

  1. For small apartments, choose modular or extendable furniture to maximize storage space.
  2. In duplex houses or houses with floors, you can opt for an open kitchen that blends harmoniously into the living area.
  3. In country houses or villas, you can create a kitchen with a modern rustic look, using natural materials and wooden accents.

Kitchen layout according to dimensions: 4. For small kitchens, use light colors and glossy finishes to create the impression of larger space.

  1. Opt for compact and minimalist furniture to save space in small kitchens.
  2. In large kitchens, you can add a central island or an extendablekitchen table to create additional work and dining space.

Designing the kitchen with utilities in mind: 7. Place the sink, stove and refrigerator in a functional triangle to facilitate kitchen work flow.

  1. Make sure outlets and light sources are strategically placed for easy access.
  2. Install a powerful hood to effectively remove odors and steam from the kitchen.

What finishes to choose: 10. Use smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces, such as tiles or tiles, to make kitchen maintenance easier.

  1. Opt for granite or quartz worktops, which are durable and aesthetic.
  2. Use mirrors or lacquered glass to create the illusion of space and light in the kitchen.

How to choose the right pieces of furniture for setting up a modern kitchen: 13. Opt for furniture with straight and minimalist lines for a modern look.

  1. Choose cabinets and drawers with smart organization systems that facilitate storage and access to utensils and food.
  2. Use durable and moisture-resistant materials for kitchen furniture.

Kitchen accessories and decorations: 16. Add indoor plants to bring life and freshness to the kitchen.

  1. Use knife holders or utensil hangers to stay organized and have quick access to them.
  2. Add a rug to the kitchen to bring comfort and define the workspace.

Designing a modern kitchen can be an experience full of creativity and pleasure. Whether it is a small apartment or a luxurious villa, it is important to consider the type of home, dimensions and utilities in the planning process.

Choosing the right finishes, pieces of furniture and adding accessories and decorations can transform the kitchen into a modern and functional space, where you can prepare your delicious recipes and spend pleasant moments with your loved ones.

  1. Adequate lighting: Choose a lighting system that provides both general lighting and focused lighting in key areas such as the worktop and cooking area. Use LED lighting to save energy and create a modern atmosphere.

  2. Colors and shades: Opt for neutral or pastel colors for walls and main furniture to create a relaxing and spacious atmosphere. Add vibrant color accents in accessories and decorations to bring a touch of vibrancy.

  3. Integrated appliances: To achieve a clean and minimalist look, choose integrated appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher or oven. They will fit perfectly into the design of your modern kitchen.

  4. Efficient storage spaces: Plan your storage spaces smartly, using sliding drawers, floor-to-ceiling cabinets and open shelving to maximize available storage space. Use organizers and boxes to maintain order and optimize your efficiency in the kitchen.

  5. Spacious worktops: Make sure you have enough worktop space to prepare food and cook comfortably. Opt for durable, easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant countertops.

  6. Outdoor cooking: If you have an outdoor space, consider setting up an outdoor kitchen with a grill, dining area and bar to enjoy the experience of cooking outdoors and spending time in the nature.

  7. Smart Utensil Storage: Use magnetic coolers on the wall to display your kitchen utensils and save space in drawers and cabinets.

  8. Advanced cooktops and ovens: Choose cooktops and ovens with advanced technologies, such as induction or steam ovens, that offer superior performance and save energy.

  9. Breakfast bar: If space allows, add a breakfast bar to the kitchen. You can opt for high chairs and an extended worktop, creating a comfortable place for breakfast or socializing while cooking.

  10. Large windows and natural light: Benefit from natural light through large windows and sliding doors. Simple and transparent curtains or blinds will help you control the level of privacy and brightness in the kitchen.

  11. Use durable materials: Opt for durable and wear-resistant materials, such as solid wood flooring or ceramic tiles, which will ensure long-term durability.

  12. Fireplace or fireplace in the kitchen: If you want a central element of attraction, you can add a fireplace or fireplace in the kitchen, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Kitchen accessories and decorations:

  1. Stylish cookware and cookware: Choose cookware and cookware with a modern and minimalist design to complement the overall look of your modern kitchen.

  2. Potted Herbs and Herbs: Create a green corner in your kitchen by placing pots of herbs and herbs on your windowsill or worktop. These will not only bring freshness, but will also be handy during cooking.

  3. Minimalist decorative objects: Opt for simple and minimalist decorative objects such as vases, table lamps or paintings to complete the modern look of your kitchen.

  4. Decorative mirrors: Add decorative mirrors to the wall behind the worktop or in the dining area to create the illusion of space and reflect natural light.

  5. Cushions and textiles: Add colorful cushions to breakfast bar stools or kitchen table chairs to bring comfort and warmth to the kitchen.

  6. Magnetic boards: Attach magnetic boards to the wall to display your favorite recipes, photos or inspirational notes.

  7. Art: Add paintings or other art to a blank kitchen wall to create a focal point and add personality to the space.

  8. Decorative bottles and containers: Use decorative bottles and containers filled with spices, aromatic oils or dried vegetables to add an aesthetic and functional touch to the kitchen.

  9. Modern curtains or drapes: Choose curtains or drapes with a modern and minimalist design to complement the overall style of your modern kitchen.

  10. Cookbook Storage Systems: Install wall mounts or shelves to display your cookbook collection, adding a decorative and functional element to your kitchen.

These are just some of the ideas and tips that you can apply in setting up a modern kitchen. Every kitchen is unique and reflects personal tastes and preferences, so don't forget to put your personal touch in your kitchen design. Be creative and take inspiration from these suggestions to create a modern, functional and glamorous space in your kitchen.

  1. Under-cabinet lighting: Add under-cabinet lighting to effectively illuminate the work surface and create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

  2. Chalkboard or Magnetic Chalkboard: Paint part of the wall with black chalkboard paint or use a magnetic chalkboard so you can write your favorite recipes or leave inspirational messages.

  3. Storage solutions for bottles and glasses: Install special racks or shelves to store wine bottles and glasses in an organized and accessible way.

  4. Ceiling with mood lighting: Add mood lighting to the ceiling to create a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere in the kitchen.

  5. Handicrafts: Emphasize handicrafts such as ceramic bowls or handmade decorative vessels to add a unique and warm element to your kitchen.

  6. Hanging hood: Opt for a hood hanging above the island or hob to create a modern look and ensure maximum efficiency in absorbing smoke and odors.

  7. Rocking chair in the kitchen: If you have enough space, add a rocking chair or a comfortable armchair in a corner of the kitchen to create a relaxing and friendly space.

  8. Vertical storage: Use ceiling brackets or tall shelves to store pans, pots and other cooking utensils, saving valuable space in drawers and cupboards.

  9. Panoramic windows: If you have a beautiful view from the kitchen, place panoramic windows to enjoy the scenery while you cook.

  10. Furniture with matte finishes: Choose furniture with matte finishes to create a modern and elegant look in the kitchen. Avoid shiny or glossy surfaces, which can create unwanted reflections.

  11. Coffee drinking area: Create a special corner to enjoy your coffee in the morning or to relax during breaks. Add a comfortable chair and a quality coffee machine.

  12. Hanging plants: Place hanging pots of decorative plants to add a green and fresh element to the kitchen.

  13. Recycling storage area: Plan a special storage area for recyclables, with separate containers and compartments to facilitate sorting and recycling.

  14. Decorative glass: Use decorative glass in cabinet doors or behind the worktop to add a sophisticated and modern look to your kitchen.

  15. Kitchen rugs: Add kitchen rugs to create a cozy environment and protect the floor in high traffic areas.

  16. Kitchen curtain: If you have a window in your kitchen, add a kitchen curtain with a modern design or interesting prints to complement the decor and give you privacy when needed.

  17. Industrial-style kitchen: For a modern and urban look, take inspiration from the industrial style and use elements such as exposed pipes, exposed concrete and steel furniture.

  18. Dimmable lighting: Install dimmable lighting to allow you to create different atmospheres in the kitchen, from bright lighting for cooking, to softer light for relaxing moments.

  19. Wall decorations: Complete the modern look of your kitchen with interesting wall decorations, such as decorative tiles, clocks or mirrors with modern frames.

  20. Glass curtain or folding doors: If your kitchen opens onto a terrace or garden, opt for a glass curtain or folding doors to create a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors and benefit from natural light and fresh air.

Regardless of the dimensions of your home, the modern kitchen can be adapted to fit and improve the functionality of the space. Use these ideas and tips to create your own modern kitchen that reflects your personality and meets all your culinary needs.

  1. Scandinavian-style kitchen: Take inspiration from the Scandinavian style to create a modern kitchen with minimalist elements, light colors and the use of wood in furniture and flooring design.

  2. Concealed storage spaces: Opt for furniture with hidden storage spaces, such as drawers or push-to-open cabinets, to keep your kitchen organized and looking clean.

  3. Decorative wall tiles: Use decorative wall tiles to add texture and an interesting look to your kitchen.

  4. Smart technology: Explore smart technology options, such as mobile app-controlled appliances or lighting control systems, to add a modern look and improve kitchen functionality.

  5. Pendant lights: Add pendant lights above the island or kitchen table to create a focal point and provide additional lighting in these areas.

  6. Extendable kitchen table: If you have a small kitchen, opt for an extendable kitchen table, which can be adjusted according to your needs and can save valuable space.

  7. Houseplants: Add houseplants to your kitchen to create a fresh environment and purify the air.

  8. Marble or granite worktops and accessories: Opt for marble or granite worktops and accessories for an elegant and durable look in the kitchen.

  9. Wall art: If you want to add an interesting visual element to your kitchen, consider using wall art or wallpaper with modern and exciting patterns.

  10. Sofa or sitting area: If you have enough space, add a sofa or sitting area in the kitchen, where you can read a book or relax while waiting for the dishes to finish.

  11. Multifunctional furniture: Choose furniture that performs several functions, such as extendable tables with storage space or chairs that can be folded and stored easily.

  12. Metallic Accents: Add metallic accents such as faucets, drawer handles or appliances to bring a modern and bright look to your kitchen.

  13. Panels or sliding curtains: If you want to divide the kitchen from the rest of the home, use panels or sliding curtains to create a flexible and aesthetic separation.

  14. Colored ambient lighting: If you want to add an element of drama and personality, choose colored ambient lighting, such as LED strips or dimmable spotlights.

  15. Bar or dining area: Create a bar or dining area in the kitchen by using the extended worktop or adding an additional counter to have a space dedicated to socializing and serving meals.

  16. Kitchen utensil display panel: Display your kitchen utensils on a special wall panel to create a modern look and keep them close at hand while cooking.

  17. Bird or Pet Rug: Add a bird or pet rug to your pet feeding area to add a fun and playful element to your kitchen.

  18. Radiant floor: If you can afford it, opt for a radiant floor, which will give you thermal comfort while cooking and complement the modern design of the kitchen.

  19. Hanging plants: Place hanging pots of decorative plants to add a green and fresh element to the kitchen.

  20. Recycling storage area: Plan a special storage area for recyclables, with separate containers and compartments to facilitate sorting and recycling.

These ideas and tips can help you design a modern kitchen, adapted to the dimensions, type of home and your preferences. Make sure you plan your space effectively, paying attention to both aesthetics and functionality.

  1. Kitchen island: If you have enough space, consider adding an island to your kitchen. It can serve as additional work space, storage and even as a place to serve the meal.

  2. Space for quick meals: If your kitchen is small, create a dedicated space for quick meals, such as a bar with high stools or a small, foldable table that can be used only when needed.

  3. Efficient use of vertical space: If you have a small kitchen, use the high wall to add extra storage shelves or mount utensil holders.

  4. Light and bright colors: Opt for light and bright colors to create an airy and spacious look in the kitchen. Colors such as white, cream, pastels or neutral shades are ideal for a modern design.

  5. Potted Herbs: Add potted herbs to your kitchen to always have fresh herbs on hand for cooking.

  6. Incorporating technology into design: Integrate modern and smart appliances into your kitchen design, such as a touch screen refrigerator or a sensor ventilation system.

  7. Natural lighting: If you have windows in your kitchen, make sure you get as much natural light as possible. Use light curtains or insect netting to allow light in but also to maintain privacy.

  8. Cladding with stone or exposed brick: If you want to add a rustic and industrial look to your kitchen, you can clad a wall or part of a wall with exposed stone or brick.

  9. Furniture with clean and minimalist lines: Choose furniture with clean and minimalist lines to create a modern and tidy look in the kitchen.

  10. Drawer Organizers: Use drawer organizers to keep your kitchen utensils and accessories organized and within reach.

  11. Using glass and mirrors: Add glass surfaces or mirrors to your kitchen design to create an elegant look and reflect light throughout the space.

  12. Focused lighting: Place spotlights or LED strips under shelves or in showcases to highlight decorative items or your favorite tableware.

  13. Discreet ventilation systems: Opt for hoods or discrete ventilation systems, which integrate perfectly into the kitchen design and effectively eliminate steam and unpleasant odors.

  14. Using glass in cabinet doors: Choose cabinet doors with glass inserts to add a modern look and showcase the beautifully arranged items inside.

  15. Double sinks: If space allows, choose a double sink to have more space for washing and food preparation.

  16. Layered lighting technique: Use several light sources in the kitchen, such as general lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting, to create a pleasant and functional atmosphere.

  17. Kitchen fences: Use kitchen fences to delimit spaces and create a modern look. They can be made of glass, metal or wood and can provide extra safety around the stove or oven.

  18. Comfortable kitchen chairs: Choose kitchen chairs that are comfortable and ergonomic to allow you to enjoy family meals or moments spent in the kitchen.

  19. Kitchen bookcase: If you have enough space, create a small bookcase in the kitchen where you can keep cookbooks, cooking books or other favorite books.

  20. Personalization: Don't forget to add elements that reflect your personality and style in your modern kitchen design. You can add art objects, photos or other decorations that bring you joy and make the kitchen a personalized space.

Regardless of the size or type of home you have, these tips and ideas can help you design a modern, functional and beautiful kitchen. Whether you want a minimalist look or one full of color accents, put your imagination to work and create the perfect space to carry out your culinary and social activities in a pleasant and inspired way.

  1. Wallpaper in the kitchen: Explore the option of using wallpaper in the kitchen to add interesting patterns and create a visually appealing look. Make sure you use wallpaper that is waterproof and easy to clean.

  2. Built-in hobs and ovens: For a modern and minimalist look, choose built-in hobs and ovens in your kitchen furniture. This will create a uniform and orderly look in the space.

  3. Using colored glass: Add a splash of color and sparkle to your kitchen by using colored glass behind the counter or as decorative tiles on the walls.

  4. Open cabinets: Opt for open cabinets in the kitchen to display and have easy access to crockery, plates or decorative items. Make sure you keep order and organize these closets carefully.

  5. High Stools and Bar: If you have an island in your kitchen, create a bar with high stools to create a friendly space for socializing or grabbing a quick breakfast.

  6. Dish filler tubs: For added convenience in the kitchen, add a dish filler tub in the area next to the sink. This will make washing dishes more efficient and convenient.

  7. Drawers with inner organizers: Use drawers with inner organizers to keep your cutlery, utensils and kitchen accessories well organized and close at hand.

  8. Induction hobs and hoods: Opt for induction hobs and hoods for efficient cooking and easy cleaning. They are even safer and more eco-friendly compared to traditional options.

  9. Cable management channels: If you have appliances and gadgets in your kitchen, use cable management channels to keep things organized and avoid cable tangles.

  10. Folding extendable tables: If your kitchen space is limited, choose a foldable extendable table that can be unfolded when needed and stored easily the rest of the time.

  11. Pendant lighting: Install pendant lighting above the counter or island to provide focused lighting and a modern look in the kitchen.

  12. Solid wood flooring: If you want a warm and natural look in your kitchen, opt for a solid wood floor. Make sure the wood is treated to resist moisture and to be easy to maintain.

  13. Drawer and Cabinet Labels: Use drawer and cabinet labels to efficiently organize and easily identify every item in your kitchen.

  14. Indoor Succulents: Add indoor succulents to kitchen shelves or windowsills to bring a green and fresh look to the space.

  15. Motion Sensor Light Fixtures: Install motion sensor light fixtures to save energy and have instant light when you enter the kitchen.

  16. Cutlery scrapers and hangers: Use special scrapers and hangers to store your cutlery in an organized and aesthetic way.

  17. Geometric decorative elements: Add geometric decorative elements such as pillows, rugs or curtains to add a modern and interesting look to the kitchen.

  18. Scratch-resistant worktops: Choose scratch- and impact-resistant worktops, such as granite or quartz, to maintain your flawless appearance and long-term durability.

  19. Wine racks: If you're a wine lover, add a special wine rack to your kitchen, whether it's a wall shelf or a dedicated cabinet.

  20. Hanging potted plants: Place hanging pots of green plants or fragrant flowers to add a touch of nature and freshness to the kitchen.

  21. Under-counter lighting: Install under-counter lighting to effectively illuminate the work area and create a pleasant ambient lighting effect.

  22. Decorative mirrors: Use decorative mirrors in the kitchen to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space.

  23. Serving area: If you have enough space, set up a serving area in the kitchen with a minibar, small fridge or coffee machine to delight your guests and create your own coffee corner.

  24. Smart compartmentalization of drawers: Opt for drawers with smart compartmentalization to give you optimized space for kitchen utensils and accessories.

  25. Magnetic boards: Attach magnetic boards to walls to display your favorite recipes, photos or important notes.

  26. Marble countertops: If you want a luxurious and sophisticated kitchen, choose marble countertops, which add an elegant and refined look.

  27. Quiet ventilation systems: Make sure the ventilation system you choose is quiet and efficient, so you can enjoy a quiet and clean environment in the kitchen.

  28. Breakfast area: Create a special breakfast area in the kitchen with a coffee nook, a food processor and a microwave to start your mornings in a pleasant way.

  29. Chalkboard: Paint part of the wall with black chalkboard paint to allow you to write recipes, notes or inspirational messages directly on the wall.

  30. Sliding door: If space is limited, replace the traditional door with a sliding door to save space and create an open feeling in the kitchen.

These are 130 inspirational tips and ideas for setting up a modern kitchen. We hope they will help you create your dream space, adapted to your needs and preferences, in a functional, aesthetic and full of personality way.

130 de sfaturi și idei inspiraționale pentru amenajarea unei bucătării moderne
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