Creating a relaxation area by the pool

An oasis of coolness and surprises for the family

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the sun and the refreshing water of a swimming pool. To make the experience more complete and unforgettable, it is important to have a relaxation area by the pool where we can cool off and enjoy the moments with family and friends.

In this article, we will explore some practical tips on how to create such a relaxation area, how to take into account the needs of the family and how to pleasantly surprise your loved ones.

  1. Planning and design of the relaxation area: Before starting the construction of the relaxation area, it is important to plan the space according to the size and shape of the pool. Make sure you have enough space for chairs, tables, chaise lounges and other furniture necessary for relaxation. Choose a design that matches the style of the home and the personality of the family.

  2. Comfortable and functional furniture: An essential element in a poolside relaxation area is comfortable and functional furniture. Opt for sunbeds or hammocks that offer maximum comfort to relax and cool off. You can also add a sofa or armchairs for a more intimate and friendly space. Make sure the furniture is water and sun resistant to extend its durability.

  3. Shades and pergolas: On a sunny summer day, shade is essential to protect us from the strong rays of the sun. Install large shades or a pergola in the seating area to provide a shady and cool place. These elements will not only ensure thermal comfort, but will also add a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

  4. Vegetation and plants: Introduce plants and vegetation around the seating area to create a relaxing and fresh atmosphere. Opt for sun-tolerant and low-maintenance plants such as palms, ferns or succulents. Also try adding herbs like mint or lavender to fill the air with pleasant scents.

  5. Ambient Lighting: Transform your seating area into a magical and romantic place by adding ambient lighting. Choose lamps and solar lamps that can be placed around the pool and in the relaxation areas. Diffuse and warm light will create a special atmosphere in summer evenings and add a touch of elegance.

  6. Recreational activities and surprises: A poolside relaxation area doesn't have to be just a passive place to relax. Think recreational activities for the whole family. You can add a water volleyball court or a dartboard to keep you cool. Also, surprise the family by organizing a small barbecue or a picnic by the pool on a summer evening, giving them an unforgettable experience.

Creating a poolside lounging area can turn your backyard into a true haven of coolness and fun during the summer.

Be sure to plan and design the area based on the needs of the family and add surprising elements to create special memories with your loved ones. Finally, enjoy the moments spent in this oasis of relaxation and refreshment, creating unforgettable memories during the hot summers.

  1. Relaxation and entertainment areas for all ages: Make sure the poolside relaxation area is designed to meet the needs of all family members, regardless of age. Add a play corner for the little ones with slides, swings or a mini sandy beach. For teens and adults, you can place an outdoor bar or pool table to add an element of fun and socializing.

  2. Technology and entertainment: Don't forget technology and entertainment in the poolside lounge area. Install a quality audio system so you can listen to your favorite music while you relax. You can also add an outdoor TV or projection screen for moonlit movie nights. Make sure your devices are protected from water and sun to keep them in good condition.

  3. Cooling and hydration zones: In addition to the pool, create cooling and hydration zones. Set up a mini-fridge or a table with a large ice bowl to keep cool drinks and healthy snacks. You can also add an outdoor shower to cool off before or after entering the pool. Make sure there are enough towels and umbrellas to provide comfort and protection from the sun.

  4. Space for relaxation and meditation: Don't forget to create a special space for relaxation and meditation in the poolside area. You can add a yoga or meditation corner with pillows and scented candles. Let your family members relax and connect with nature in this peaceful and comforting space.

In conclusion, a poolside lounging area is a perfect oasis to cool off and enjoy summer with the family. By carefully planning the design, selecting comfortable and functional furniture and adding surprising elements, you can create a memorable and personalized space.

Make sure you meet the needs of all family members and add elements of entertainment and relaxation to enjoy unforgettable moments together. Enjoy every moment spent in this special area and enjoy cool and blissful summers with your loved ones.

Crearea unei zone de relaxare lângă piscină
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