30+ ideas, inspirations and tips for decorating the hall from A to Z

Hallway design guide

  1. Space planning: Measure the hallway and consider its shape and size before starting the design project.

  2. Wall color: Choose a color that reflects your personality and style, but also matches the rest of the house. Light and neutral colors can make a small hallway seem more spacious, while dark colors can create a more elegant and intimate look.

  3. Decorative wallpaper and stickers: Use decorative wallpaper or stickers to add an element of interest or a graphic pattern to your walls. You can opt for thin stripes, geometric patterns or abstract illustrations.

  4. Mirrors: Place mirrors on the hallway wall to create depth and increase brightness. You can choose a large mirror, a panel-shaped mirror or several small mirrors in a composition.

  5. Lighting: Install adequate lighting to highlight key areas of the hallway. You can use an elegant chandelier, spotlights or wall sconces.

  6. Rug: Add a rug to the hallway to add warmth and comfort. Make sure the size of the rug fits the space and complements it harmoniously.

  7. Storage furniture: Use storage furniture to keep things tidy and hide small items. You can opt for a wardrobe, a chest of drawers or a stand with drawers.

  8. Shelves and Shelves: Place shelves or shelves on the wall to display books, decorations or small potted plants. They can add a design element and make effective use of empty space.

  9. Bench or chair: Add a bench or chair to the hall so you can put on or take off your shoes. You can choose a model that also offers storage space.

  10. Colorful accents: Use decorative objects and accessories in vibrant colors to add a splash of energy and personality to the hallway. Choose pillows, paintings or colorful dishes.

  11. Photo compositions: Create a photo composition on the wall to add a personal element to the hall. You can choose frames of different sizes and images that evoke memories and special moments.

  12. Plants and flowers: Add plants and flowers to the hall to bring nature indoors and create a fresh and pleasant air. Choose plants that can withstand low light and do not require much care.

  13. Entryway Rug: Place a durable entryway rug in the hallway to protect the floor and keep dirt out of the home. You can opt for a model with a welcome message or an interesting design.

  14. Door decor: Personalize your hallway doors by applying decorative elements such as stickers with messages, ornaments or plaques with the names of family members.

  15. Note board or diary: Mount a note board or diary on the wall to organize your activities and leave messages for other family members.

  16. Key holder: Place a key holder in the hallway to organize your keys and always have them close at hand. You can opt for a magnetic holder or one with hooks.

  17. Decorating the staircase: If the hallway includes a staircase, consider decorating it to add a special element to the space. You can use decorative stickers on the backs of the steps or interesting railings.

  18. Wall Art: Display artwork on the walls to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. You can choose abstract paintings, photographs or engravings.

  19. Electric heated carpet: If you want to add extra comfort to the hall, you can opt for an electric heated carpet. It will provide a pleasant feeling to the feet during the cold season.

  20. Smart light switch: Install a smart light switch that allows control via smartphone or voice assistants. Thus, you will be able to turn the lights on and off easily and save energy.

  21. Lighting balloons: Add a modern and playful design element with hanging lighting balloons in the hall. They can create a pleasant visual effect and provide an additional source of light.

  22. Message Board: Place a message board or blackboard on the wall to leave short messages, notes or shopping lists.

  23. Book or magazine shelves: Use wall shelves to display your favorite book or magazine collections. They will add a cultural and personal element to the hall.

  24. Themed decorations: If you want to bring a thematic touch to the hall, choose decorations that reflect that theme. You can opt for a marine, rustic or boho style, depending on your preferences.

  25. Artificial plants: If you don't have time or don't want to deal with the maintenance of natural plants, you can opt for high-quality artificial plants. They will add a green and vibrant look to the hallway without requiring constant maintenance.

  26. Patterned rug: Choose a rug with an interesting pattern or graphic to add a focal point to your hallway. Choose a pattern that matches the rest of the decor and creates a nice contrast.

  27. Pet toys: If you have pets, create a special space in the hallway for their toys and accessories. You can use baskets, shelves or boxes to organize them efficiently.

  28. Relaxation area: If the hall is big enough, you can create a small relaxation area with a sofa or a comfortable armchair. Add a small table and a lamp to create a cozy and inviting corner.

  29. Candle decor: Add scented or decorative candles to a shelf or small table in the hall to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

  30. Family painting: Create a family painting in the hall with photos of family members and important moments. It will add a sense of unity and bring a smile to the faces of visitors.

I hope these ideas and tips will inspire you in decorating the hall . Every added detail will transform the space into a personal and stylish one.


  1. Umbrella stand and umbrella stand: Place an umbrella stand and umbrella stand in the hallway to organize your umbrellas and prevent water from spilling onto the floor on rainy days.

  2. Anti-slip carpet: To ensure safety in the hallway, choose an anti-slip carpet to avoid accidental falls or slips, especially in the wet season.

  3. Organization board: Install an organization board on the hallway wall, where you can hang diaries, keys, envelopes or other important items on hooks or in pockets.

  4. Mirrors of different sizes: Create a group of mirrors of different sizes on one wall to create an eclectic and interesting look in the hall. This arrangement will reflect the light and give the impression of a larger space.

  5. Map decor: Use old maps or thematic maps to decorate the hallway walls. You can choose maps of your hometown, travel maps or dream destination maps.

  6. Business cards or contact board: Set up a small area in the lobby where you can display business cards or a board with phone numbers and addresses of close friends and relatives.

  7. Shoe covers: Use shoe covers to organize and protect your footwear. Choose transparent covers to easily identify the pair of shoes you need.

  8. Welcome mat: Place a welcome mat at the entrance of the lobby to greet guests in a warm and friendly way. You can choose a mat with a welcome message or an attractive design.

  9. Mail Bin: Place a mail bin or mailbox in the hallway to organize your mail and avoid letters getting lost or mixed up.

  10. Clock decor: Add wall or table clocks to the hall to keep up to date with the time and add a functional and decorative element to the space. You can choose watches in different styles and sizes.

  11. Hat and Beanie Rack: Install a rack or hooks on the wall to hang hats and beanies in the hallway. This will create an organized and practical look, especially in the cold season.

  12. Illustrations and designs: Frame illustrations or artistic designs on the walls to add a touch of originality and creativity to the hallway. You can choose illustrations with abstract motifs, nature or characters.

  13. Key string panel: Create a key string panel in the hallway where you can attach your keys with rings or holes. This will help keep your keys organized and easy to find.

  14. Decor with decorative paintings: Choose decorative paintings with interesting motifs, such as flowers, animals or landscapes, and display them on the walls to add an artistic touch to the hall.

  15. Pet kennels: If you have pets, create kennels or specially designed spaces in the hallway to give them a comfortable and safe place.

These are some more ideas and tips for decorating the hall . Every added detail will help create a pleasant, organized and personalized atmosphere in this space of your home.

30 de idei, inspirații și sfaturi pentru amenajarea holului de la A la Z
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