MiSo Architects

At MiSo Architects, we configure and design spaces for a better life
We operate as a team of architects and interior designers in Bucharest and Brașov, where we have our headquarters, but also in any other place where there is a need to give life and character to spaces with potential still unexplored.

Our mission is to bring out the authenticity of people and places through tangible expressions such as materials, colors, textures and shapes. When we talk about interior design, we think of spaces that fully reflect the personality of those who inhabit them, of interiors that fuel the feeling of belonging, materialized through functionality, quality and good taste.

Our projects are defined by a functional and authentic style, where technology, aesthetics and nature blend harmoniously into a unified and spectacular end result.

Sorana Leru - Co-founder and interior architect
Planning, organization, precision and rigor – Sorana's promise to every project she gets involved with. The man who is just as comfortable with measurements on the job site as he is when diving into calculations and budgets. The locomotive and the mathematician. MiSo Team Foundation.

Mihaela Tampiza - Co-founder and interior architect
Vision, inspiration, responsibility and creativity – Mihaela's commitment to the team's clients. The curious specialist, who looks for novelty and creative force every day and gets energy from the details that change everything. The mechanism that sets things in motion. The pillar of the MiSo team.
MiSo Architects
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