We are a team of interior architects passionate about design in all its forms. Being different helps us to be well-versed, versatile and tell each client's story.

However, we are connected by our passion for colors and the simplicity of things. We like to listen and understand the client and "translate" it into the designed space.

How did we start?
The Jooca story began in the summer of 2012, in China, with a brainstorming session in a seaside cafe. Alexandra and Cristina, the founders of Jooca, were in an internship, a year after graduating from the faculty of interior architecture.
The brainstorming was about the name of the studio they would open on their return.
This is how Jooca [ju:ca] appeared, from a plethora of words such as: fresh, play, colors, customization, lights, home.

In 2017 Cristina moved to the UK and started another path, that of watercolor painting, crystallized in the Kris Kivu brand.
Alexandra continued the Jooca story, together with a wonderful team formed throughout the last 5 years.

Our mission is to create spaces tailored to the client's personality and to offer creative and ingenious solutions for people who want to live simply and beautifully.

We believe that setting up a space is a good time for change and evolution, both personal and at the family level. Our goal is to guide people through this journey to change. We encourage our clients to focus on the essentials to create space in their homes and lives.

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