Beyond design and architecture!

Why Acolada?
Because it's more than interior design or architecture. Acolada is an aesthetic and functional tool, created for those who want beautiful and practical spaces, with as little time and energy invested in their creation.
Born from the desire to respond to the real needs of contemporary man, Acolada is an association of related services and skills of those who give life to the projects desired by the beneficiaries.

What do we do? What is our mission?
Design and architecture, interior or exterior, for residential and commercial spaces, small apartments or generous properties.
Each project reinforces the team's mission – finding the balance and harmony between aesthetics and function, quality and price, between desire and real need.

Just as every man has his place where he feels at home, so every story that is born in the team must find a home suitable for its development. As there are no two identical people, no two houses are the same, each one having that "something" of its own, which resonates or not with the soul of the people who will give it life. As with people, it's the same "love at first sight", natural attraction from the first moment, the feeling that you couldn't be anywhere else but there...

How did I become a designer?
Recently, I was asked this question: "How did you become an interior designer, after you flirted with medicine, you graduated from the Faculty of Law and then, for 10 years, you were in a company with a financial profile?"

Formulated like this, the question also made me think for a few moments, the reality being completely different: the passion for drawing, colors and harmonizing things in a space, even if it was a doll's house, were manifested since childhood...

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