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CVDesign is an interior design studio permanently concerned with proposing original interior design concepts, inspired by external reality and internal desire.

Our studio offers you a series of interior design services, personalized and adapted to your budget.

After a thorough analysis of everything that means the lifestyle and needs of the beneficiary as well as his space, the team comes up with the best ideas in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, the art of combining shapes, colors, textures and volumes is modeled on the lifestyle of the owner, so that he feels comfortable in his own space.

Our services consist of:

Interior design for studios, apartments, houses

HoReCa fittings - cafes, bars, restaurants

Interior design of medical spaces (pharmacies, medical offices, medical clinics)

Interior design of office spaces

Interior design of spaces intended for education - kindergartens, schools

Each project is a new situation, a new place... different things, therefore different answers each time.

We offer high quality services in the field of interior design.

Residential spaces - houses, apartments, studios; Public/commercial spaces – cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, followed by:

Consulting, 2D compartmental plans, electrical plans, sanitary plans, photorealistic 3D simulations, detailed furniture design, site monitoring.
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