Bellsophie Interior

I am Georgiana Tatu, designer and founder of BSP. A graduate/graduate in History-Philosophy at the "Dunarea de Jos" University (Galati), I chose to devote myself to my great passion, design, in whose power to change life for the better, I believe.
I think that every arrangement must be loyal to the design theme and the context, to make sense, to enjoy. The environments I prefer are those that stimulate the senses and satisfy the needs, most of the time unconscious, both psychoesthetically and functionally... these are the places I appreciate as beautiful.

The personal conviction that a specialized thinking in this field cannot be supported only by talent, passion and self-taught spirit, led me to add to my education the training in a professional framework and my specialization after graduating from the courses of the Serbian Design School (Bucharest). All these stages contributed to my formation, somehow sculpted my spirit, in some cases they provided me with answers and information, in other cases the questions deepened... in any case, they created an opportunity for new, deeper searches, more honest, and for this.
Bellsophi Interior
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