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Biano started as a simple catalog of furniture and decorations, with the vision that every person deserves to have a beautiful and comfortable home. However, we realized that it is not enough to collect hundreds of thousands of products from various online stores in one place. We understood that there is a real need to provide a smarter and more efficient way to buy the products you want. Thus, we began to develop and implement innovative technologies that would allow our users to purchase comfortably and intelligently through the Biano platform.

Our aim is to provide a new way of purchasing furniture and decoration products through these innovative technologies. We want to give you the opportunity to shop smart and find the right products for you, whether you're looking for the most popular piece of furniture at the most affordable price, in your favorite style, or that product you've been dreaming of for a long time and which you keep in your phone gallery.

One of the key features of our platform is image search. You have the possibility to upload an image of the desired product, and we will find similar products, available at different prices or in different partner stores. Thus, we offer you multiple options and flexibility in the buying process.

Also, for each searched product, we offer you recommendations of similar variants. Thus, even if the product you are looking for is currently out of stock or not available at a certain price, you have the opportunity to find suitable alternatives for you.

The Biano platform also benefits from intelligent sorting. Thus, popular and most searched products will always be displayed on the first pages of the respective categories. This facilitates the browsing process and gives you quick access to the most requested products.

Content customization is another aspect we value. We recommend and remind you of your favorite products from us or from other partner electronic stores. Thus, you always have access to the products that catch your attention and suit your tastes.

To provide the most relevant and easy shopping experience, our platform has specialized filters. Regardless of the category you are in, you can choose the specific criteria that the future article must meet. Thus, you can search for products according to sizes, colors, materials and other important specifications for you.

In addition, we have the ability to perform advanced analytics to process a large amount of data and provide you with the most convenient shopping experience. This analysis helps us understand your preferences and provide you with personalized recommendations tailored to your needs.

In addition to our commitment to provide high-quality services in Romania, we want to share the joy of beautifully furnishing homes in other countries around the world. Biano is currently present in 8 countries, namely the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Romania, Brazil, Hungary, Portugal and Greece. We are constantly expanding and striving to bring the Biano experience to other corners of the globe.

With Biano, we invite you to discover a new perspective on the purchase of furniture and decorations. We transform the buying process into a comfortable, intelligent and personalized experience. Whether you want to find the perfect product, discover alternatives or be inspired by the latest trends, Biano is here for you.

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