CasaRusu - A success story in the furniture industry

Leading manufacturer in the furniture industry

With a history spanning over 20 years, CasaRusu has become one of the largest manufacturers of chipboard furniture and upholstery in Romania. The beginnings of the company can be found in 1994, when the first steps were taken in the field of domestic furniture as a retailer. Over time, through work and passion, CasaRusu has built a solid reputation and become a reference name in the industry.

Based in the town of Dudeștii Noi, just 15 kilometers from Timișoara, CasaRusu has the most modern technological line in southeastern Europe. This investment allowed the company to develop a very large production capacity and achieve excellent results at the national level. CasaRusu produces about 2 million square meters of chipboard, representing about a third of the local market. Thus, the company occupies the 1st place in the industry, with a market share of 33%.

Another special aspect of the company is its dedication to its employees. CasaRusu has over 1000 employees and their sustained effort has resulted in the completion of no less than 5000 sets of upholstered furniture in a single month. The company understood the importance of being close to the people, and thus in the summer of 2009 it started building the national network of stores. Today, CasaRusu has 20 of its own stores throughout the country, offering customers access to a wide range of quality products.

CasaRusu is recognized as a leading manufacturer in the industry, always connected with the developing society and the increasingly diverse needs of customers. The company is constantly proposing new furniture collections and furnishing styles, as well as individual furniture pieces available locally. In order to adapt to the modern lifestyle and fast pace of people, CasaRusu inaugurated the first two iStock stores in the country. The iStock concept is based on grab'n'go furniture that is smart, versatile and ready to be assembled by anyone.

Another outstanding aspect of CasaRusu is the commitment to develop technology and production capacity. The company operates through Rus-Savitar, a manufacturing company focused on refining existing technology and expanding production capacity. This commitment allows CasaRusu to be the first choice of customers when it comes to quality furniture and upholstery. The company offers a diverse range of options, shades and sizes, giving customers the opportunity to create and customize their own furniture from modern and modular collections.

CasaRusu is proud of its achievements over time and the positive impact it has had on the furniture industry in Romania. With a dedicated team, advanced technology and a varied range of quality products, CasaRusu continues to offer its customers furniture out of respect for each individual.

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