Elvila - A prestigious brand in the production and sale of furniture

ELVILA SA is a Romanian company

Founded in 1990 by Viorel Catarama, SC ELVILA SA is a reference Romanian company in the field of furniture production and sales in Romania.

The main activity of the company consists in the production and sale of home and office furniture. The product portfolio offered to customers includes a diverse range of furniture pieces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, libraries, children's and youth rooms, kitchens, corner groups, small furniture (chests, tables, tables, bedside tables, stools, wardrobes, hangers), upholstered furniture such as sofas, armchairs and Relaxa brand mattresses, office furniture and hotel furniture. At the customer's request, customized furniture can also be made to order.

Elvila's mission reflects the desire and efforts of the entire team of approximately 1000 employees to satisfy all customer requirements, offering modern or classic furniture products, made of solid wood, MDF or chipboard, at a continuously improved value for money.

The Elvila company is a member of the Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association and the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The quality of furniture products is a constant concern for Elvila, which is why, since 2000, an effective quality management and control system has been implemented and maintained (ISO 9001:2015 and Top Management Policy). This quality system is applied continuously, both at the level of the company and at the level of the two factories of Elvila:

  1. SC ELVILA SA - Work point Carpatina – Babeni, Str. Factory, no. 1, Vâlcea county.
  2. SC ELVILA SA - Work point Elmoberom – Beiuș, Str. Trajan, no. 2-4, Bihor county.

Each factory specializes in the production of a certain type of furniture. The furniture products are made of solid wood, melamine chipboard (18 mm), veneered chipboard and MDF (32 mm).

Currently, Elvila owns a number of 20 stores nationwide, of which 7 are its own stores in Alexandria, Bacău, Bucharest, Constanța, Focșani, Ploiesti and Beiuș, and the other 13 operate in a franchise system or are authorized distributors. This extensive network of stores allows customers to discover and purchase Elvila furniture products in various cities throughout the country.

With extensive experience and a solid reputation in the furniture industry, Elvila continues to provide high quality products, excellent service and customized solutions for each customer. Choose Elvila to transform your home or office into elegant and functional spaces, reflecting your style and personality!

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