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Furniture for a lifetime

In our opinion, every business is a promise. Like an unwritten contract, which we strive to honor every day and which we manage to fully respect on our best days.


"Let's be in love with the job we've chosen. Let us first really love the furniture we produce and only then hope that it will also make those who will have it in their homes happy.

Let's present in our stores, but also to the whole world, what Romanians know how to do very well: furniture. Let's understand that furniture, along with all our products, no matter how fashionable, beautiful and quality they are, must always be accompanied by a reasonable price and common sense.


The Mobexpert group means much more than stores. From the raw material to the homes of our customers, and from manufacturers around the world to the storefronts, we carefully control every step to ensure that you receive quality products at a price that will delight you for a long time.


More than two thirds of the furniture you will find in stores is designed and produced in Romania, in Mobexpert factories. We buy, dry and process the wood ourselves to ensure we get the quality and price we want.


We invested almost 40 million euros in two modern logistics platforms, in Târgu Mureș and Bucharest. We thus control the cost of storage and delivery and strive to reduce to less than a week the delivery time to Mobexpert customers all over the country.

In 2007, Mobexpert started the relocation project of the ConfoMex, StudioMex, IleforMex, MuresMex factories in the Târgu Mureș Industrial Park. This platform is one of the most performing in Romania and has a very important role in streamlining regional distribution, allowing better services in the Group's stores and supporting the development of the Mobexpert regional network.

In July 2009, the Logistics Center of Mobexpert in Bucharest also became functional, following an investment of 10 million euros. The new Logistics Center in Bucharest is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows both the storage and shipment of imported products, as well as cross-docking operations for Mobexpert production units.

This investment led to the reduction of the delivery time to a maximum of 1 week for more than 70% of the products in Mobexpert stores.

Mobexpert not only promises quality and affordable prices, but also invests in infrastructure and logistics to deliver on this promise. By controlling every step of the production and distribution process, Mobexpert ensures that every customer receives the products they want, of the best quality, and in the shortest possible time.

The Mobexpert Group aims to be more than just a furniture supplier. They want to be a source of inspiration for customers, to create products that bring joy and contribute to the beauty of everyone's home. With each honored commitment and each delighted customer, Mobexpert strengthens its position as a leader in the Romanian furniture industry and prepares to face challenges and keep its promise in the future.

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