SomProduct - A story dedicated to sleep and comfort

Brand dedicated to sleep and comfort

Every story has a beginning and a motivation, and the story of the SomProduct brand is no exception. In 2008, two brave and determined people set out to revolutionize the way people choose one of the most important items in their home: the mattress. They understood that this product has a significant impact on the quality of sleep, comfort and ultimately on the whole life. Thus, SomProduct was born, a brand that aimed to offer the people of Romania quality mattresses, simply ordered online, quickly delivered at home and that can be tested.

With a dream to create optimal conditions for beautiful dreams, the founders of SomProduct listened to their desire to bring about a change in the mattress industry. In 2008, they launched the SomProduct online store, initially offering three models of mattresses, a box spring and a sofa, all produced in the factory in Baia Mare. These mattresses have been intelligently designed, combining both technological and emotional aspects. Four years after its launch, in 2012, the range of products on expanded to include comfortable beds, available in various design variants to suit everyone's tastes.

From the beginning, SomProduct has been based on the idea that every person needs expert advice when choosing their home furniture. The SomProduct team understands the challenges people face when it comes to sleep quality, home organization and modern interior design. Today, the team counts more than 100 passionate people who put soul into everything they do and aim to change the way people mobilize, decorate, relax and rest in their own homes.

SomProduct is also dedicated to technology and comfort. The online store is proof of the brand's appreciation for the comfort of its customers. They aim to make things simple and accessible by providing clear details about each product, providing the opportunity to evaluate products in a transparent way, based on genuine customer experiences, and having a diverse range of products tailored to current requirements. Creativity and passion are core values ​​for the SomProduct team, who are always adding news and innovations to their online store.

In order to ensure the delivery of furniture under optimal conditions, in 2020, SomProduct launched its own courier company dedicated to the transport of these products. The company understands that the delivery of a bed, mattress or any other piece of furniture is different from the delivery of decorations, so they have ensured that each product reaches the customer in perfect condition.

In 2008, 95% of SomProduct orders were made by phone. They took orders 7 days a week, wherever needed - in parking lots, in the car, visiting friends. This demonstrates their willingness to be with customers when they choose to make a change in the comfort of their own home. The story began with a modest investment of 300 lei and with a lot of confidence in what they wanted from Today, the online store is becoming friendlier and easier to use, giving customers the opportunity to make relaxed choices, explore the collections with their loved ones and bring home exactly what they want.

With more than 90,000 unique products in the online store and a warehouse space of 10,000 square meters, SomProduct has delivered more than 250,000 orders to date. For the founders and the SomProduct team, these figures mean, in fact, only one thing: their initial mission, started in 2008 by Sergiu and Cristina Cadar, continues to be fulfilled. The brand thanks customers for their trust and wishes them inspired shopping!

Thus, SomProduct remains a brand dedicated to sleep and comfort, offering quality products and personalized services to ensure an excellent experience for its customers. With passion and devotion, it continues to improve and innovate in the field of furniture, bringing more beauty and comfort to the homes of Romanians.

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