XXXLutz - With the sun in the heart, together towards number 1 in the world

Number 1 in the world in the furniture industry

With a philosophy focused on customer success and satisfaction, XXXLutz aims to become number 1 in its field. This motto represents the motto of the company, and the employees make every effort every day with joy and perseverance to achieve this goal.

The customer is king

At XXXLutz, customers are put at the center of attention. The company understands that its success depends on the satisfaction of its customers, and this is reflected in their approach to services and products. The excellent quality, the competitive prices, the varied and constantly updated assortment, the pleasant atmosphere in the stores and the specialized advice provided by the XXXLutz team are essential elements in creating a satisfying shopping experience.


XXXLutz promotes and supports environmentally responsible trade. The company envisages reduced consumption of non-renewable energy, such as electricity and fossil fuels, and focuses on the use of renewable energy. Protecting the environment for future generations is an important concern for all XXXLutz employees, and the group is committed to complying with environmental protection laws and regulations.

Figures and data

The XXXLutz Group is not only one of the most dynamic organizations in Europe, but also one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. Present in 13 countries, the group operates more than 370 subsidiaries in Europe, including Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia and Poland.

With a workforce of approximately 25,700 dedicated employees, XXXLutz is constantly developing without neglecting customer satisfaction. Even in the context of continuous growth of the organization, employees are making sustained efforts to take the company to the top of the market.

The turnover of the XXXLutz group reached the impressive sum of 5.34 billion euros, confirming the solid growth over the last decades. The company is among the top three furniture retailers in the world, demonstrating its success and influence in the industry.

XXXLutz is a success story based on a customer-centric philosophy, sustainability and continuous development. Their dedicated and determined employees constantly strive to provide exceptional shopping experiences and remain leaders in the furniture industry.

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