Roka Design

Whether it is a new house for your family, the renovation of an office space for your business or simply adding some decorative elements with personality to your space, the Roka Design team is at your disposal.

We are a young, ambitious team that constantly follows the latest trends in the field of interior and exterior design.

We offer our clients complete solutions for interior and exterior design, both for private residences and commercial spaces (hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes), but also multiple sources of inspiration for remodeling, valuable advice from interior design specialists, availability and flexibility.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, we have chosen to represent in Romania some of the world leaders in terms of interior design: parquet, wallpaper, carpeting, decorative profiles, and more.

Setting up any space requires an investment of time, energy and creativity, therefore our mission is to provide these resources so that you can create your ideal space.
Roka Design
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