The introduction to the world of art and beauty had a smooth and beautiful course, being a child from a family of artists. Since childhood I was surrounded by colors, brushes, oils, the desire to get the best strokes and shadows.

Observing the colors, the contrasts between them, the joy of the customers when the work was completed and it was going to fill a void in their homes for maybe a few generations. I have wanted since then that those works end up in elegant, unique spaces like the beneficiaries of those paintings.

Since then, my mind visualized the interiors of the spaces with perspectives, contrasts, styles, colors making analogies between the paintings and the identity of the one who wanted them.

The experience in this field came along with the time, the studies and the awards won, with the satisfaction that we created unique, elegant interiors that reflected the wishes of those who will call that place home.

The company was established 12 years ago, active in the field of premium class interior design: residential design, design of commercial spaces and design of public spaces.

From the very beginning, we have assumed the responsibility of reference works: exhibition pavilions, car showrooms, opera interiors, restoration of historical buildings according to the initial condition. In the residential area, apartments, houses, everything that means "home".
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