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show velvet (bonnie)

show velvet (bonnie)

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Show the velvet

At eScaun you have the ultimate freedom to choose between fabric and velvet. Any textile material can be used on all the chairs in our collection. But choosing your favorite material can sometimes be quite difficult. We are happy to advise you on this and help you with some practical tips.

In addition to correct information, seeing and feeling is important for an optimal experience of our collection. That's why you can quickly request test samples. We can send the test samples to your home and you can view and compare them at your fingertips, in your own environment.

Illustrated colors may deviate from reality, that's why we provide you with color samples that can be ordered against cost. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Velvet or velor

With our high quality velvet fabric, you are always in fashion! The soft and elegant surface structure of the velvet fabric makes every chair truly captivating. It is a soft and glossy upholstery fabric, highly suitable for intensive use.

We offer velvet upholstered products in different colors:
• Brick (Brick 312)
• Chocolate (Chocolate 811)
• Green (Green 400)
• Taupe (Taupe 808)
• Walnut (Walnut 815)

Velvet, also known as velour, is a soft and shiny fabric. The fabric has a luxurious look and goes well with different interior styles. The soft velvet fabric is made from open loop woven cotton. The curls are cut, creating small "hairs" that give the velvet its distinctive appearance.

The fabric feels soft and has a great sheen. Velvet furniture is very suitable for intensive use and is also very durable. The characteristic of velvet is that it changes color when the material is stroked. This creates beautiful shades of color and provides that luxurious look that makes velvet so popular.

How do you maintain velvet?

Velvet furniture is easy to maintain. Under normal circumstances, regular vacuuming is sufficient. To keep your velvet furniture beautiful for longer, it is also important to lightly roughen the piles from time to time. Do this especially in places where you sit often, to avoid a mirror on the seat (flattened hair that forms a visible surface)

For rough ones, use a slightly damp cloth and gently rub the material with light pressure so that the hairs stand up again. Do not panic in case of stains, but react immediately: immediately blot the liquids carefully with unbleached kitchen paper or a clean towel.

Try to apply a little pressure and always treat the stain from the outside in. Always clean the entire property and never a small area. Impregnate again after cleaning to restore dirt repellence.

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