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Show genuine leather (buffalo)

Show genuine leather (buffalo)

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Show genuine buffalo leather

Leather is a durable, elegant, flexible, strong and durable material.

We explicitly use buffalo leather for our products. These are durable and robust hides with coarse pores. Unlike normal cowhide, buffalo leather has a significantly coarser porosity. This is the reason why buffalo leather is our favorite for benches, chairs, sofas and armchairs.

With this type of skin, ecological dyes penetrate deep into the pores during the coloring process, without changing the surface of the skin. Its structure remains unchanged.

The natural buffalo leather is washed by hand in our factory, then a layer of elastic water-based paint is applied to prevent color loss. The skin is then impregnated with a transparent wax. This makes the leather resistant to liquids and other pollution.

All our leather complies with strict regulations and EU guidelines regarding the use and presence of PCP, CFC, Chromo (VI) and AZO dyes during the dyeing process. Due to the nature of leather, color differences may occur between different color batches.

Illustrated colors may deviate from reality, that's why we provide you with color samples that can be ordered against cost.

Natural leather (buffalo) is our number one when it comes to the leather used for our products. The leather is processed with great care, hand-dyed, repeatedly patinated and waxed, resulting in a very pleasant, easy-care surface with an individual look. Buffalo leather is characterized by a typical grainy structure in which the hair channels are clearly visible. It fades over time, giving it its typical character. The skin is made on the granulated side, which is characterized by various injuries, such as healed scars and insect bites, bald or thickened areas. These details give the buffalo leather a rustic, natural look.

We offer products upholstered with buffalo leather in different colors:
• Black Buffalo (Cole)
• Buffalo Brandy
• Buffalo Dark Brown (Brown Washed)
• Buffalo Cognac
• Buffalo Cognac dark (Dark Cognac)
• Red Buffalo (Red)
• Buffalo Yellow (Yellow)

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